How do I get Editing permission?  After you have made a New Account, contact the Administrator of this collection.  They will assign you appropriate permissions.  If you are an administrator and need permission, please contact: Julie Smith (jesmith7@wisc.edu) or Robert Anglin (ranglin@wisc.edu)         

How do I assign permissions?  As a collection administrator, you can add or adjust permissions using the Manage Permissions link under Administration Control Panel on the appropriate Collection page.  Use the drop down box under Add a User to find the desired name.

How do I find specimen records? On your collection page, find Data Editor Control Panel, click on Edit Existing Occurrence Records to open the Record Search Form.  To get all records that have been imaged, but not edited, choose the Status field and from the drop down menu select Unprocessed. Or you can use the Custom Field option to select by various terms, i.e. Scientific Name, State, etc.    

How do I import Exsiccati records? On the Occurrence Data page, begin typing the title in the Exsiccati Title field.  This should create a selection of entries to choose from.  Type in specimen Number; click on the Dupes? Button.  A list of duplicate records will pop up from which you can choose to transfer information.  Edit. 

How can I search for duplicates of specimens in other institutions?  Once you have entered Collector Name and Number, click on the Dupes? button.  A list of exact duplicates or similar records will pop up.  You may transfer some or all of the fields. 

Why do I get an error message when I try to add 2 determinations by same person (same date)? If there are two annotations within the same year, it's still good to know the order of the annotations. If month is known that would be good to include. Or even something like: "summer 1960" and "fall 1960", or even
"1960 (first)" and "1960 (second)", or "1960 (1)" and "1960 (2)", or "1960" and "1960 (active)", or anything that makes the values different. Note that the date can be a verbatim string and does not have to be valid date data type. This control is within the database rules and is useful to ensure that the same annotations are not batch loaded more than once. 

How can I delete a record?  Duplicates or errors may be deleted by first selecting Delete OCR below the image on the Occurrence Record page.  If there is an image, that must be deleted as well.  Click on the Image tab, click on the pencil icon, scroll down to Delete image.  Click box to remove image from server as necessary.  Open the Admin. Tab and scroll down to Delete record.  Be aware of any warnings.

Why can’t I find my desired records?  When using the Record Search Form, be certain the search fields are clear from previous querries.  Click “Reset Form” each time you search.  

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation grant ADBC#1115116. Any opinions, findings, conclusions, or
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